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  M Y  S T O R Y

In good or bad times, I make maps.

In the Philippines, I was working as a geographer and urban planner

in cities and communities that were hit by disaster or war.

  M Y  S T U D Y

Based in Aotearoa New Zealand,

I am becoming a scholar of Geographic Information Science.

My PhD project is an ethnography of crowdsourcing and mapping

by working on OpenStreetMap.



I made the maps using QGIS and Blender.

The digital elevation models were from NASA and LINZ.

The hypsometric tint was from Natural Earth (naturalearthdata.com).

The island and lake shapes were from OpenStreetMap contributors and DIVA GIS.

The original relief shading method was from Daniel Huffman (somethingaboutmaps.wordpress.com).

I made my logo using the Barabara typeface, which was released by the Department of Tourism of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. The typeface is a homage to the designers of the jeepney (public transport) signs in the Philippines, my home.

All maps in this website are under a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.